Free Shipping Promotion



  • This free shipping offer is only valid for order(s) start from 11th April 2018, 00:00 onwards until further notice.
  • 此项优惠只限2018年4月11日起订购的订单。


  • No promotion/voucher code required.
  • 不需要填写优惠券/优惠码。


  • This promotion only valid for order(s) shipped within Peninsular Malaysia only. Area include: Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak.
  • 此优惠只限西马区的邮寄地址。地区包括:雪兰莪,吉隆玻,森美兰,马六甲,柔佛,彭亨,吉兰丹,登嘉搂,玻璃市,吉打,槟城,霹雳。


  • This promotion only valid for bicycle(s) purchase through
  • 此优惠只限在Asogo.com下单的自行车。


  • This promotion only valid for box unit bicycle(s) = non-assemble bicycle(s).
  • 此优惠只限盒装自行车=没有安装的自行车。


  • Buyer will get free shipping for bicycle accessories/parts only if they purchase any box unit (non-assemble unit) bicycle together in the same order. You may whatsapp to 012-3076601 to waive the shipping fee after you had place the order (*Please do not make payment first. Paid after we had waived the shipping charges and reply you through whatsapp).
  • 如您在购买自行车零件的同时也有购买至少一台自行车,您也可以享有免运费的优惠。您可以在下单后whatsapp至012-3076601 要求去除运费 (*付款前whatsapp 进来),我们改单后您再付款。


  • If buyer paid before whatsapp us to waive the shipping charges, meaning he/she agree to pay the shipping fee and we couldn't refund/cancelled the order afterthat.  
  • 如您在whatsapp我们去除运费之前付款了,就表示您愿意付此费用,我们无法退还/取消该款项/订单。


  • To place non-assemble / box unit bicycle, simply select options without “(assemble)” in the product options and select “Bicycle (Heavy) - Box” shipping method at checkout.
  • 如要订购没有安装 / 盒装的自行车, 您只需要在产品选项中选择没有带“(assemble)”的产品选项加入购物车,然后在购物车中选择 "Bicycle (Heavy) - Box" 即可。


  • No shipping cost / assemble fee will be added if buyer choose self-pickup (Box) / Self-pickup (Assemble) options. Our staff will either email / call to notify you when the order is ready for pick up at our showroom (Taman Sentosa, Klang). Click here to view location map.
    • Showroom Opening Hours is:
      • Monday to Friday: 12pm to 5pm
      • Saturday: 10am to 6pm
  • 如果您上网购物并选择到我们的门市自行取货,您不需要付任何安装/运费。如订单准备好后我们会通过邮件/拨电话通知您。取件只限我们位于巴生圣淘沙花园的门市。
    • ​​​门市开放时间如下:
      • ​星期一至星期五: 中午12点至下午5点
      • 星期六:早上10点到下午6点


  • If there are no “(assemble)” options found on the product options, meaning that this product can only shipped-out as a box unit / non-assemble unit.
  • 如在产品选项中没有"(assemble)" 选项代表此产品只能以盒装方式运出。如果您要安装的自行车只能到门市自行取件。


  • Solid Collections Sdn. Bhd. will not take any responsibility on minor scratch(es) during transportation process. Please do not place assembly unit order if you cannot accept this condition.
  • 全组装的自行车在运输期间可能造成的一些小刮痕我们公司将不负责。如介意者请勿拍。


  • Solid Collections Sdn. Bhd. reserved the right to amend the above terms and conditions anytime without prior notice.
  • 我们公司(Solid Bollections Sdn. Bhd.) 对以上的条规保留在未通知的情况下更改的权利。



Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any inquiry to terms and conditions above.




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