Bicycle Limited Lifetime Warranty





Subject to the following limitations, terms and conditions, Solid Collections Sdn. Bhd. warrants to the original owner of each new Cronus/Gammax/Garion/Asogo bicycle’s frame when new is free of defective materials and workmanship.

The lifetime limited warranty is conditioned upon the bicycle being operated under normal conditions and use, and properly maintained. This limited warranty does not apply to paint/finish or components attached to the bicycle frame such as front forks, wheels, drivetrain, brakes, seatpost, handlebar and stem or any suspension related parts or components. This limited lifetime warranty does not apply for carbon material bicycle frame.



This Limited Warranty is applied to new Cronus/ Gammax/ Garion/ Asogo bicycles purchased effective from 22nd October 2016 within the country of Malaysia only. In order to exercise your rights under this limited warranty, the complete bicycle (meaning fully assembled bicycle) must be presented to our showroom staff at Taman Sentosa, Klang, together with a proof of purchase (Tax invoice / Receipt). Solid Collections Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to examine the damaged or defected frame before proceeding to reparation or replacement. If the conditions of the Limited Lifetime Warranty are met, Solid Collections Sdn. Bhd. has the option, at its sole discretion, to replace or repair the frame as it deems necessary. The original owner shall pay all labour and transportation charges associated with the repair or replacement of all parts under this warranty. All of the above limited warranties are conditional upon the bicycle being properly maintained and operated under normal conditions and use. If frame failure should occur due to faulty materials or workmanship, the frame will be replaced with the same or most nearly compatible frame then available. The warranty can only be claim once per bike. Solid Collections Sdn.Bhd have the right to amend the terms and conditions of this warranty policy anytime without prior notice. 



Wear & Tear Items

For example: Shifter, Rear Derailleur, Paint, Tubes, Chains, Etc.

Improper Assembly or Follow-up Maintenance

Damage or failure due to:

-        Improper Assembly

-        Failure to perform regular maintenance

-        Bicycle parts/accessories not originally compatible with the bicycle

Accident & Neglect

Damage or failure due to:

-        Accident

-        Misuse

-        Neglect

-        Modification of the frame/fork/components

Racing & Competition

Damage associated with racing/ competition


Use for stunts / lack of the technical skill of the user

Climatic Conditions

Damage Due to climatic conditions, e.g. (not limited to):

-        Excessive heat

-        Exposure to salt air

-        Rain

-        Sun

Commercial Use

For Example: Rentals, fleet, security, etc.)

3 Years Limited Frame Warranty

Government Use

For Example: Police, Military, etc

3 Years Limited Frame Warranty